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QEL has ventured aggressively into agency business since 2008 and currently represents principals ranging from container liner, semi-conventional vessel operators and isotank operator, trading in regional and international waters

  • QEL has won the confidence of principals from various sectors ranging from feeder to iso-tanks.
  • Ventured aggressively into agency business since 2008 securing new principals such as Emirates, Carpenters , NewPort and lately a few box operators such as Trans Asia, and Cargo Plan.
  • Formed a JV set-up company in 2012, Samudera Intermodal Sdn Bhd, with Samudera Shipping Line Ltd, a public listed shipping company in Singapore to provide feeder and agency services in Penang and Port Klang.


QEL subsidiary company of LKC  own and operate the only bi-weekly feeder service serving port Klang – Belawan – Port Klang and Port Klang – Penang – Port Klang sector. QEL is also offering feeder services to Surabaya and Thailand ports via slot exchanges
Trans Asia Line (TAL), headquartered at Cochin, India is one of the largest box operators in the Indian Sub Continent. TAL is a Full Container Liner operating in 20 countries, 50 ports and 51 Inland Destinations with a container fleet of 18000TEUS. From Malaysia TAL offers extensive coverage of the India, Indian subcontinent and Middle East Ports
Established in 1988, Samudera Shipping is another top 100 main line operators offering reliable container shipping services in the Middle East, Indian Sub-continent, South East Asia, Indo-China and Far East markets. Samudera is now a well-recognized brand name within the industry.
Established in 2010, Carpenters Shipping is an independent operator specializing in Asia Pacific Region, connecting Asia to the Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. Offers a reliable sailing schedule and multiple cargo options – containerized and breakbulk – to suit client’s needs.
Emirates Shipping Line’s service coverage is positioned in the dynamic markets of the Middle East, China, South East Asia, India and East Africa. With its strong understanding of these key trading centers, Emirates is able to provide world class services to its  customers.
The company Hapag-Lloyd AG is a transnational German-based transportation company. It is composed of a cargo container shipping line, Hapag-Lloyd AG. The container transport arm of Hapag-Lloyd AG is currently the world’s fifth largest container carrier in terms of vessel capacity.
Currently operating in Kuantan port.
The main operating model for TS Lines is based on freight liner operations. This strategy allows container ships to be operated based on scheduled time frames and routine ports. Currently operating in Penang and Pasir Gudang.
Bertschi specializes in logistics services for liquids and solid bulk products for the chemical industry and has become a pioneer in trans alpine inter-modal transport.

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