QEL is a subsidiary of the larger LKC Holdings Sdn Bhd. That being said, we’re well equipped, asset wise as well as experience, to handle most logistics requirements and heavy lift transportation on land and by sea.

QEL vast experience in sea transportation have gives us the opportunity to work alongside with conventional and breakbulk shipments into destinations such as Port Moresby, Lae, Honiara, Belawan, Pekan Baru, Kantang, Dumai and Batam. Furthermore, QEL have been shipping cargo such as palm oil mill, mill equipment parts, paper and fertilizers to above destinations for paper mills, mining industries, plantations, commercial users and other industrial.


  • QEL owned 9 sets of tug and barge with a carrying capacity of 1,650dwt up to 10,000dwt.
  • Operating location within Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand.
  • Chartering of vessels and barges – chartering vessels and barges acting as broker for owners.
  • Services include Port Agency vessel, barge clearance, servicing Penang, Port Klang, Pasir Gudang and Kuantan port.



  • Heavy haulage equipment up to 1000tonnes for instance Low Loaders, Cometto multiaxles and SPMT.
  • A fleet of container haulage and tipper trucks.
  • In-house customs clearance license.
  • Heavy lift cranes up to 500 tonnes – mobile crane ad crawler crane.
  • Transit shed / Open Yard – a combined 21 acres of open yard for containers and break-bulk cargo storage in various locations.
  • Warehouse: a combined 96000sq ft of warehousing space in various locations.
  • Jetty: a total logistics company will not be complete without our own jetty which has 3 berths and a shipyard for maintenance and repair of tugs and barges.


Availability of other heavy lift equipment such as

  • Truck with lattice boom
  • Elephant movers
  • Steel plate
  • Cross beam
  • Bolsters


QEL offers full range of port agency services to vessel owners – from vessel husbanding, clearance formalities to vessel supplies and crew change.


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